Are you a Joy Maker?

Let’s Create the Future of Emotional Wellbeing.

Join this product focused innovation sprint  to learn, create, connect, win prizes, and explore investment opportunities for the most exciting ideas in Neuro-Wellness.

Program Overview

Joy Ventures invites you to innovate in an entirely new way.


state of the art scientific research and consumer trends in the emerging neuro-wellness market


with leading mentors and a diverse community of innovators


the next impactful product for emotional wellbeing


up to NIS 15,000 for the best ideas


your ideas with investment opportunities from Joy Ventures

This March, we are launching JoyMakers, an Innovation Sprint dedicated to seeding the next big consumer product in emotional wellbeing. A selective cohort of highly qualified applicants will be admitted to the program.


1.3.2019; Friday; 09:00-15:00 – The Challenges!  

5.3.2019; Tuesday; 09:00-14:00 – BrainTech Conference: Neurowellness Program

15.3.2019; Friday; 09:00-15:00 – Dream Team & Challenge Drill Down

24-25.3.2019; Sunday-Monday; Full days – Ideation Sessions

28.3.2019; Thursday; 30 min/team – JoyMakers Committee 

7-8.4.2019; Sunday-Monday; Full days – JoyMakers Development Sprint

Why We are Doing This

We all can agree, the intense pace of modern life is taking its toll on us.
Technology has brought incredible new opportunities, but with it equally formidable challenges. We seem to be more stressed, overworked, and tired than ever.
Preserving and boosting emotional wellbeing will be one of our society’s core challenges - and opportunities - as we move deeper into the 21st Century.
JoyMakers seeks to provoke a quantum leap of innovation in the Neuro-Wellness Space.
We want to harness the latest findings in neuroscience to create products that help everyday people feel fantastic. We will provide the framework, research, market insights, guidance, and potentially the funding to bring the greatest ideas for the future of emotional wellbeing to market.
We hope that we will fondly look back on this Innovation Sprint as the genesis point of impactful products that revolutionize thousands of our lives for the better.

Joy Ventures

Joy Ventures paves the way for innovation in the neuro-wellness market. Joy invests in entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and technologies, funds scientific research, and facilitates an interdisciplinary community dedicated to developing consumer products that make people feel good. Joy Ventures is a leading voice in the emerging global conversation about how science, technology, and design can be harnessed to enhance neuro-wellness. Joy Ventures fosters an innovative ecosystem that supports the development of consumer products which bring people joy. By driving forward practically-minded conversations, Joy Ventures supports open ideation, trains entrepreneurs, funds academic research, and invests in brilliant consumer applications